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This site is not updated very much. Please go to my Instagram account for any music project updates over HERE. 

Several new and older albums have been and continue to be uploaded at my Bandcamp page. Please check out this one and only preferred way to listen to listen to my work in the digital whelm over HERE:

Europe and UK tour June 2019. I'll be opening for SUMAC and Austerity Program for several cities in Europe. This is a rare occurrence for me to tour Europe so I hope to meet you at the shows.

Sun 16/06/2019
Prague, Czech Republic
Futurum Music Bar 

Mon 17/06/2019
Budapest, Hungary
Dürer Kert 

Tue 18/06/2019
Vienna, Austria
Arena Wien 

Wed 19/06/2019
Munich, Germany

Thu 20/06/2019
Milan, Italy
Solo Macello Fest -
Circolo Magnolia

Fri 21/06/2019
Winterthur, Switzerland
Gaswerk Kulturzentrum

Sat 22/06/2019
London, UK
Iklectik Art Lab 
(Not with Sumac)

Weds 26/06/2019
Paris, France
Les Instants Chavirés 
(Not with Sumac)

New solo recording "Acedia" is now available HERE on Bandcamp.

New solo recording "Desiccation" is available over HERE on Bandcamp.

New solo recording "Hull" is available over HERE on Bandcamp.

New solo recording "Cold Metals" is now available on Bandcamp.

Three new BEAST albums have been digitally released. "Puppy Power", "Splatter Hound", and "Root Canine" are now available on Bandcamp, Itunes, and Spotify.

New 100 minute album "Slumber" is now available over HERE. A followup/sequel to SLEEPER. More dense ambient drone work for you.

Thank you NPR for the write up for SLEEPER. Read it over HERE.

New solo album "Sleeper" is now available as a triple CD from Sige Records. Get your copy over HERE. Also available on Itunes  and Bandcamp . Three hours of deep ambient work. 

Three new BEAST albums are now available on Bandcamp and on Itunes. "Beast Wish", "Vorax" and "Therianthropy". Dig in!

Recent live recording from the Seattle TOUCH label's showcase available over HERE.

"Raw Cello Sessions" is a simple home recording of cello string destruction. Listen and buy this recording over at the Bandcamp shop over HERE.

New solo recording "Cave Canem" is now available digitally on Bandcamp over HERE. And also available at Itunes over HERE.

New collaboration recording with the duo Mamiffer and myself is now available. "Crater" is available on CD and on Bandcamp.  Highest recommendation to get this recording on CD over HERE. A trailer video for "Crater" was made by me that can be seen over HERE.

Three full length BEAST albums have been released on Bandcamp and Itunes. BEAST is my drum/noise project. For these three albums I had Joe Preston(Thrones) and John Haughm (Agalloch) contribute synth and guitar noise. Ravenous, Gnasher, Prey, And BEAST official shirts are still on sale. Many more BEAST albums available HERE and the Bandcamp shop. And all BEAST albums on Itunes. 

My newest solo recording "Catalepsy" was made for my recent Japan tour. Made 50 CD copies in a handmade package that is now sold out. Now it's available on my Bandcamp store over HERE. CRANK IT and ENJOY!

IMPORTANT INFO! For people who bought the CD "CATALEPSY in Japan and are having difficulty playing it. The BLACK side is the playable surface and the SILVER side is not. Silver side UP and black side DOWN. My apologies for the confusion.

Very excited to return to Japan this March for a short tour with Mamiffer. The great ENDON and Boris will be performing as well. Also I will be visiting Kyoto and if anyone wishes to assist me in my tourist adventures then please get in touch! I'll buy you sake and tea!

venue: Conpass
location: Higashi Shinsaibashi, Osaka
door: 18:30
start: 19:00
ticket: 3,500yen (adv.) / 4,000yen (door)+1 drink charge
guest: YPY, DREAMPV$HER(Lonely pushin' set)

venue: Super Deluxe
location: Roppongi, Tokyo
door: 18:30
start: 19:00
ticket: 3,500yen (adv.) / 4,000yen (door)+1 drink charge
guest: Boris

venue: Soup
location: Ochiai, Tokyo
door: 18:00
start: 18:30
ticket: 3,000yen (adv.) / 3,500yen (door)+1 drink charge

New music and video created in the first week of 2015. All imagery is from ice from frozen lakes along with crushed tree branches. The music was created from the sound of cracking ice on the same frozen lakes along with mutated guitar sound. Enjoy at FULL screen and FULL volume over HERE.

Happy New Year! 2015 will see a new solo recording that I am working on now. Also a new BEAST recording involving other band members. Also more video work and I am hoping to get more opportunities for video/sound installations. If you have any interest in having my video/sound work for your art gallery or festival then please contact me. Also I will be performing more often in solo form (with video) and also more live BEAST shows. There will be a Japan tour in March where I will be touring with Mamiffer. More details to come. Meanwhile do check out my bandcamp sites where all sales goes directly to feeding my tiny doggie Arrow. Thank you kindly!

New solo music and video "Gamut of the Void" can be seen HERE. Highly recommend viewing in full screen. The music can also be purchased at my Bandcamp store over HERE.

I created a new music video for the great Mamiffer and you can watch it over HERE.

STATIC BURN is officially 20 years old......My sophomore album originally released in Oct, 1994 by the great Soleilmoon Recordings on CD. Overwhelming gratitude for Charles Powne and Peter Drake for having the sheer unconditioned "will" to be kind enough to support me in making this massive recording that was indeed massively laborious. I am temporarily offering STATIC BURN as a free download from my Bandcamp shop. Find it HERE. 

All six albums of BEAST: is now available as one large collection in the Itunes store. For Snarler run over HERE.  Red Marrow is also available over HERE.

Three new BEAST albums are now available! "Snarler" is the newest trilogy in the massive drum/noise project by Daniel Menche. Strictly a digital entity and only available on Bandcamp and soon Itunes. Run over HERE for the "Snarler" trilogy and the previous "Red Marrow" trilogy.

Two new videos created for the William Fowler Collins/Daniel Menche split LP from SIGE RECORDS is now available for viewing. Both videos created by Daniel Menche with source material from Faith Coloccia. Run over HERE for video with Daniel Menche's music. And run over HERE for the second video with William Fowler Collins music.

The excellent label: SIGE RECORDS has released a split LP with William Fowler Collins and myself. Limited to 250 copies. There's also a cassette version as well for sale. This split is inspired by the “Speech of the Dead Christ” section in Jean Paul’s three-volume German Romantic novel SiebenkäsRun over to the SIGE RECORDS store over HERE and order you copy now! For digital version, run over to HERE.

The great Arcn Templ from Shanghai recently came to Portland, Oregon and performed a killer concert in which I recorded. I also took that recording and made a massive remix. NOW available at the Utech Records site! Run over HERE and grab it......and of course CRANK IT!

On April 20th, 2014 I had the great pleasure in performing with Joe Preston (The THRONES) in an live collaboration of our "Cerberic Doxology". This occurred in a large church in Portland Oregon and it is now available for streaming and download over at my Bandcamp shop. Run over HERE to listen.

The Great MAMIFFER has added a collaboration of sorts to their Bandcamp shop and it is available for streaming and download over HERE. Live recording of two different MAMIFFER concerts that I took and greatly mangled and manipulated into two long drone/noise tracks. Originally released as a cassette (limited to 100). Highly recommend checking out all of MAMIFFER's music over HERE. 

Official BEAST T-shirts for sale through the official BEAST Bandcamp site. Purchase of a shirt will allow a free download of Red Marrow One. Go over HERE to see and purchase shirts and digital albums of "BEAST".

"BEAST" is the name of my new music project/group dedicated to percussion/noise style of work. Since 2005 I recorded several drum based albums ("Concussions", "Beast Resonator", "Animality" and others) and now I will continue these explorations into a moniker that will be much more expansive in my percussion work. Three new full length albums are now available for streaming and download at the new official "BEAST" Bandcamp shop. More albums will be added as time goes on and possible inclusion of others members participating. Live performances of "BEAST" is certainly a possibility and maybe it will be just myself or guests. And of course I will be focusing on new solo material for 2014 and beyond. Please run over to the "BEAST" Bandcamp shop over HEREPlease share with friends and enjoy these recordings. Thank you kindly!

Just added to my Bandcamp shop...... "Leprous Drones" is a 6 hour plus collection of unreleased drone work from 2007 -2013. Originally regarded as castaways to the leper colony in my forgotten hard drive. NOW given new life-remixed and rejuvenated for your consumption. Some tracks are mellow and some loud....something for everyone. Listen and download over HERE.

VILKE is now available on Bandcamp for download and streaming. Bonus "demo" track included! Run over HERE. The double vinyl is still available in limit edition at the SIGE Records shop over HERE.

NEW interview for BLACK magazine in Germany. READ it over HERE.

New video for VILKE with amazing animated art by Faith Coloccia. Watch it over HERE.

NOW AVAILABLE:  New solo recording "Marriage of Metals" LP + down-load from the label Editions MEGO. Available April 29. Two long tracks recorded from Gamelan instruments. Ordering can be made HERE.  

NOW AVAILABLE:  Double LP of new solo music titled "VILKE" on the amazing label SIGE RECORDS. Artwork to be created by the brilliant Faith Coloccia. A limited edition cassette version with DVD will also be available through SIGE RECORDS. The release date will be in May 14. Direct link to ordering the LP version is HERE. For the cassette/dvd version over HERE.

NEW RELEASE:  Split 7" + CD collab with John Haughm (vocalist for Agalloch). Each comes with a different photo insert. The first two tracks are individual interpretations of sound samples captured at the Mount Angel Abby and Silver Falls State Park. The third track is a collaboratively layered and nightmarish bell tome that drones and evolves through a menacing 61 minute duration.

Each copy is housed in a de-bossed art stock 7” sleeve with a unique photo insert from the same session and location the sound samples were taken. No two copies of this release are alike! Photography courtesy of Veleda Thorsson and Daniel Menche. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. 

Get your copy at

My Soundcloud page has been wiped clean of my Raw Recording Series of my field recordings due to high costs of maintaining that page. Now these recordings are all preserved on my Bandcamp page and all are available for free(or donation) download and streaming. Please run over HERE to listen. Soon I will upload new RAW RECORDINGS in 2013 and continue with this exciting series.

JUST ADDED: The Official Daniel Menche Bandcamp shop has been opened! As of now there are over 45 solo albums available for instant streaming and download. Soon all my "Raw Recordings 2010 -2012" series will be moved to Bandcamp. In the near future there will be rare recordings never released and other forgotten Daniel Menche recordings.  RUN OVER HERE for the BANDCAMP STORE!

JUST UPDATED: The official Daniel Menche VIMEO page for the FULMINATION video series is fully updated and contains every single video for this theme. RUN OVER HERE to view and listen. Also available for downloading too.

Vicki Bennet curated a 744 hour long radio program called "Radio Boredcast" and the entire program is now available for streaming. RUN OVER HERE to hear an Daniel Menche 90 minute radio mix of old acetate recordings and various sound/drone mixes. For all of the radio shows, RUN OVER HERE.

New addition to the RAW RECORDING SERIES. One long 19 min field recording of ocean caves at the Oregon Coast, USA. RUN over HERE for the free download and streaming of this recording.

FREE DOWNLOAD of a concert from April 21st, 2012. TOUCH RADIO is offering this as a free MP3 download. Over an hour & 17 minutes of a concert performed in a enormous room. For more details and the download Run Over HERE.

Thank you to all and everyone for coming out to the concerts in the UK and Europe! It was a fantastic experience and incredible concerts with the best audiences! I will indeed be touring again in Europe/UK in the foreseen future!

JUST ADDED: A full page dedicated to recent interviews 2006 - 2012. More to be added as time goes. Run over HERE to read them.

OUT NOW: "Quanta of Light" 12" White Label vinyl + 320 kbps MP3 download of the tracks.  on TOUCH MUSIC on the "White Label Vinyl Series"highly recommend ordering the vinyl version as soon as possible since it is limited to 100 copies.

Official 2012 Europe Tour dates
March 25: London UK: Power Lunches Arts Cafe
March 26: Cologne, Germany (Studio 672)
March 27: Brussels, Belgium (Magasin 4)
March 28: Berlin March 28th (Venue West Germany)
March 30: Paris, France (Les Instants Chavires)           
March 31 Lyon,France (Sonic w/ This Will Destroy You)
April 1  Geneva, CH (Le Cave12 à L’Ecurie)   
April 2  London, UK (Cafe Oto Touch 30 w/ Oren Ambarchi + BJ Nilsen)

Hundreds more photos added to the Daniel Menche Photography blog. RUN OVER HERE to view them all. Fine print 11x14 photo prints for sale directly from Daniel Menche. Hit the contact button for pricing details.

Daniel Menche Soundcloud page has been updated with my complete RAW RECORDINGS in long form mixes. Raw nature recordings collected from 2010 -2011 and presented as raw as possible. All in 16 bit AIFF streaming and free download. Run over HERE to listen to these mixes. More to come soon!

OUT NOW: Remix B side for the 7" for the hardcore punk band "SPLIT CRANIUM". Made up of members of ISIS and CIRCLE. Get your copy at the Hydrahead Records Store.

OUT NOW: "GUTS" Double LP and CD of abused and thrashed piano noise released by Editions Mego. Purchase the double LP and CD at EditionsMeg. Also available in digital form at ITUNES and BOOMKAT.

Live performance radio set on WFMU from November 15, 2011 now on line. Run over HERE for the live recording in HD. Also available on the FMA for free download.

OUT NOW: "The Torrid" Anla Courtis CD of collaboration tracks featuring one track from Daniel Menche. Available from Porter Records over HERE.

NEW link for raw field recordings of nature. Run over HERE to listen to latest recordings,

NEW link for video work. Run over HERE to view the "FULMINATION series"

OUT NOW: "FERAL" full length solo CD from SUB ROSA.

OUT NOW:  "YAGUA OVY" Full length LP collaboration Daniel Menche and Anla Courtis released by MIEMUSIC.

OUT NOW:  "Like a Ghost Singing to You" solo cassette release from Greek label ANTIFROST.

NEWS 2010

OUT NOW "TERRE PAROXYSM". Full length solo CD from UTECH RECORDS. More info over HERE.

OUT NOW: "BLOOD OF THE LAND" 3" cd from the fantastic French label FERNS RECORDINGS.

OUT NOW: "Silver Hell" cassette release from the legendary noise label: Banned Productions.

OUT NOW: "BLOOD FOREST" Free 20 minute download (16 bit AIFF) From Trick-house web zine. Run over HERE to download it.

TOUCH MUSIC has released a download only recording of "HOVER". A 20 minute recording of a 30 piece teenage choir and organ that created from a high school here in Portland Oregon.  Purchase "HOVER" over at the TOUCH SHOP.

Several solo albums from the past are slowing being available at Itunes. Many more past albums to come!


This is the official Daniel Menche web site.